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Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Water leaks from plumbing fixtures, pipes, and fittings are a significant source of water wastage for many households. Water leakage at the average household can account for more than ten thousand gallons of wasted water every year. Nearly 10% of homes have leaks that waste ninety gallons or more per day. Leaking problems can occur in many different locations, including under concrete floors, behind the walls, in ceilings, and underground outside buildings, including yard driveways, patios, and pathways.

Not every leak becomes visible immediately, which makes them hard to detect at an early stage. If not fixed on time, even small leaks can cause substantial damage to your ceilings, furnishings, and floors and leave you in need of expensive repairs or replacements. Water leaks can also run up hundreds of dollars in your water bills. Water leak detection, however, leak detection is not a DIY job and requires handling by a professional plumber who has extensive industry knowledge and possesses right leak detection tools.

Fortunately, with AAA Plumbing Service Santa Monica being at your disposal, there is no need to worry who is best to call. We believe that leaking pipes or fixtures aren’t something that can be put on hold. This is why we offer affordable services to detect and repair any leaks before they ruin your property silently.

With years of hands-on industry experience, incredibly skilled plumbing technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment, we can locate leaks of any type, determine its underlying cause can create personalized solutions to address the problem. We use highly effective yet minimally invasive techniques to prevent damage to your property caused by unnecessary digging or drilling during water leak detection. We are also well-equipped to repair or replace any leaking, cracked or broken pipes to prevent any future leaks. Our ultimate aim is to leave you safe in the knowledge that the leak is fixed, with the smallest disruption caused.


When You Need a Leak Detection Specialist?

Below are some of the signs that indicate you may need to look for a leak detection service.

 – Your water bills keep rising mysteriously.

 – You hear water running when faucets are off.

 – You notice mold or mildew smell and wet spots.

 – Your floor feels hot or warm.


How do We Detect Water Leaks?

Water leak detection is a sensitive process, and if not performed expertly, it may cause damage to your property. Our plumbers begin the leak detection process with an inspection to determine if there are any visible signs of the leakage. If the location of the leak is obvious, we will repair, or if needed, replace the leaky component.

Most often, identifying the location of the leak is a daunting job. This is so because water supply fittings of toilets, bathtubs, showers, and kitchen sinks are usually located behind the walls and beneath the floors. Our plumbing technicians use the most advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques to identify the exact source of the leakage and its extent.

We utilize pressure testing tools to determine if the water pressure in your building is balanced. This information helps us figure out whether the leak is on the hot or cold water side of your plumbing system. Our technicians also conduct probes on various locations to determine the areas where moisture or standing water is being accumulated.

How do We Fix Leaks

Once our plumbers have successfully identified the source of the leak, they will develop a repair plan to give you with an estimate. Once you give us the go-ahead, they will get to repair work.

Whether it is a small leak repair or a job that needs major re-piping, our technicians will work with utmost diligence to restore your water delivery system to optimal functionality.

With customer-centricity sitting at the heart of our operations, we don’t consider any job finished until you are not completely satisfied.


Schedule a Leak Detection Service

If you suspect that you have water leakage in your home or commercial space, call AAA Plumbing Service Santa Monica at (424)306-0069 for an inspection before the problem grows and worsens.

When you trust us, you can rest assured that you have plumbing technicians on your side who will perform accurate leak detection and repair using non-invasive techniques.