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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

A clogged sewer line can really throw a wrench into your day and bring your entire household to a standstill. Debris is one of the major obstructions in sewage lines – additionally, grease and food accumulation are the other typical causes of plumbing blockages. Since most of the sewer pipes and drains are located deep in the ground and covered with concrete, asphalt and soil, when a problem occurs inside them, an inspection to determine what has actually gone wrong with your sewer system is nearly impossible unless you comprehensively dig your yard and pathways.

Fortunately, there is no need to do so as AAA Plumber Santa Monica can perform sewer camera inspection services to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. Using our high state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, we conduct a visual inspection and show you the cause of any sewer and drain the right blockage on a monitor before you make any big decisions.

Our highly skilled plumbing technicians use specially designed waterproof CCTV inspection cameras to effectively identify the exact location of your drain blockage, its depth and extent and recommended you whether you need to repair or replace your main or other sewer drain lines to get it back up and running again.


Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection Service

The next time you have a sewer blockage, don’t wait until the situation takes a turn for the worse and get your pipes inspected by the plumbing professionals of AAA Plumbing Santa Monica prior to a repair or a replacement. Call us at (424) 306-0069 to schedule a sewer camera inspection service.

Why Use a Camera for Sewer Inspection?

Having your drain blockage inspected by a camera is beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are some of them.


Non-Invasive Problem Detection:

A camera is relatively is a non-invasive way to determine the determine the exact location of a leak or clog. It eliminates the need for excessive digging in your yard or removal of drywall in order to locate the problematic spot.

Quick & Accurate Diagnosis:

With the camera, the plumbers can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem without tearing into the system, and there is no guesswork. The plumbers can see the inside of your pipes and sewer and find the blockage in a matter of minutes. The camera also provides you visual evidence of the exact condition of your underground plumbing components. Accurate identification of the problem will help you plumber come up with an efficient and cost-effective way to fix your sewer blockage.

Preventive Maintenance:

The camera allows the professionals to find any minor issues at an early stage before they become emergencies.

Signs a Sewer Camera Inspection is Necessary

Here are the signs you need to call professional plumbers for a Sewer camera inspection.

  • – Your drains are slow or clogged
  • – Water pressure is decreasing of fluctuating
  • – Your encounter a sudden spike in your water bills
  • – You notice the smell of sewage
  • – You hear sounds of running water
  • – The walls and ceilings of your home are moldy

How Do We Perform a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Our plumbers begin process inserting a long cable with a high-tech waterproof drain camera at the end into the sewer line to conduct a visual inspection of the sewer line. They then guide a cable through the sewer line, upon which the camera emits a signal that helps our plumbers determine the location as well as the nature of the obstruction within the pipes and drains.


Since the video footage is streamed in a live feed on a video monitor in digital quality and zoom-in functionality, our experts can look problem areas on a big picture and find clogs build-up, cracked, or broken pipe or tree root infiltration with utmost precision. We use incredibly flexible and specially designed cameras that can travel through turns and twists and the sewer line and thoroughly inspect pipes having a diameter of 6 to 36 meters. Once the inspection has been performed, our plumbers will show you give you options for repairing or replacing your plumbing components that have been damaged by the blockage. We also provide you with a recorded copy of the inspection we perform (for insurance purposes) and save one with us for future reference.